About Us

Have you ever gone to the doctor and left realizing you don’t know what they said? Did you get home and suddenly have so many questions? Do you every wonder if you really need to be taking every medication you have been told to? Ever feel like your family struggles with not being able to be there?
Feel frustrated with the medical system and feel lost in the shuffle of referrals and insurance? If any of these are true for you, we can help you!

What We Do

Provide Medical Guidance

We help you understand medical reports, diagnosis, prescriptions, medications, and bills, helping to liaison and communicate with your medical practitioners keeping your best interest at heart.

Research and Coordinate

Ensuring you have all the information, know all your available options, and how to access and make appointments, such as clinical trials, facilities, alternative treatments, top specialists, etc.

Accompany Patients

We assist seniors by accompanying them to important medical appointments and aiding in obtaining timely second options.

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Your Health is Our Priority

Our mission at Magellan Medical is to help you lead your best life. We will help you be healthy and stay healthy and we will maximize your chances of the best recovery when you fall ill. We are your guide in good health as well as in sickness.

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