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Five Benefits of Hiring a Medical Navigator

Five Benefits of Hiring a Medical Navigator

Imagine you are sitting in your doctor’s office with your aging parent, and the doctor has given you a devastating diagnosis – which you were not expecting at all. None of us are. Your parent may have been enjoying retirement and a routine medical test reveals they have a serious disease.

To say that they – and you – would feel overwhelmed and frightened would be an understatement.

You’d need to listen carefully to your doctor and ask questions about your parent’s diagnosis or test results so they can start getting better care right away. But here’s the problem: when you should be paying attention to the doctor or talking to specialists about the best treatment options, you may be too stunned by the news you’ve received.

That’s where a medical navigator can help.

How Can a Medical Navigator Help You?

Wondering what’s a medical navigator? They are professionals who accompany the patients to their appointments and ask relevant questions, write down or record critical information, and speak up for their patients so they can better understand the illness and treatment options.

A medical navigator can provide help for your aging parent by being the set of “objective” eyes and ears.

If one of your parents is going through a serious illness, you may be too stressed out or anxious to ask the right questions and explore the best care options for seniors.

Many studies have shown that receiving quality health care depends on taking an active role in decisions about your care. So, if your ailing dad or mom is facing a tough medical decision, it’s best to bring someone with you who can help concentrate on their care when you might not be fully up to it.

Having a medical navigator at medical appointments or during a hospital stay ensures that your parents get the information they need to manage their health.

Benefits of Hiring a Medical Navigator

They Will Help You Feel Less Overwhelmed

The truth is, our healthcare system is complicated and confusing to so many people who are looking for answers.

Many people are unaware of how to deal with hospitals and doctor’s offices, their insurance company, or where to even start.

A medical navigator will help you make sense of it all while making sure you don’t get cornered into making decisions that are not based on solid research.

They Will Ask Questions and Voice Concerns on Your Behalf

what’s a medical navigatorAccording to a study published by ProPublica, a number of doctors and hospitals who receive payments from Big Pharma (medical industry) prescribe drugs based on the money they receive. The more money they get, the more brand-name meds they prescribe.

As controversial as that sounds, you need to understand that the majority of health care providers care about profits and your parent’s welfare may not be the highest priority for them, but your parent’s welfare is important to someone in the industry, which is the beauty of having different choices. Nevertheless, hiring a medical navigator is paramount – their only allegiance is to you and your loved ones.

If your doctor is pushing you towards a specific treatment option that’s not in line with researched information, the Magellan medical navigator won’t hesitate to look closely in the matter.

They Will Help Arrange Transportation

You already have a lot on your plate. Worrying about driving to-and-from your doctor in the rush hour, multiple times a month, won’t help matters. A medical navigator will keep a calendar of all your doctor’s appointments and help you arrange hassle-free transportation.

They Will Help Research the Best Treatment Options

Many people are simply not aware of some of the treatment plans, procedures, and doctors because their insurance company isn’t too keen on anything other than “mainstream”.

A medical navigator like Magellan Navigator will help you gather information regarding alternative medical treatments that have proven to be effective.

The navigator will also evaluate all the local and regional specialists to identify who would be the best choice for your parent. They will also help you obtain second opinions to confirm that the recommended treatment is ideal for your parent.

They Will Help Maneuver the Insurance Situation

Once the treatment starts, you will need to file a considerable amount of paperwork with your parent’s insurance company, making sure everything is filed correctly and on-time. A medical navigator will help you with that too.

They know how insurance companies work and how to negotiate with them effectively if that is what is required.  

We are Your Medical Navigators

Magellan Medical Navigators are your South Florida health-keepers. We offer assistance with everything you need, from medical appointments and specialist care to transportation and family communications. Contact us today at 336-403-1593.

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