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How To Convince Your Parents That They Need a Medical Navigator

Does your father always act suspicious about hospital bills? Does your mother think the hospital might be taking you for a ride? 

Do you believe there might be more treatment options out there and no one is telling you about them? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you might be in the need for a medical navigator

Convincing Your Parents to Hire a Medical Navigator

The elderly are usually wary of the “new ways of the world”, and needless to say, most people have never even heard the term medical navigation. The only way to convince your parents is by helping them understand the benefits of getting in touch with a medical navigator. 

Help them realize that sometimes the only way to be sure that you are acquiring the best medical care and outcome is to find an expert who can help you navigate through the plethora of treatments, tests, and bills you’ll come across. 

Your cousin who works in a doctor’s office might help you. Your spouse or brother may be able to help you. But if you want the most objective and professional guidance, you need a private health advocate or a medical navigator.  These are the people who know the ins and outs of the healthcare system in the country and can simplify your path to recovery. 

There’s one more very good reason to hire a private healthcare navigator. 

Most doctors and healthcare professionals don’t – or won’t – spend as much time with you because they will only get reimbursed for a specific sum of money (thanks to your health insurance). Even if your parents have to stay in the hospital, it will be limited because insurance only covers a specific number of days.

In other words, your parent’s health insurance dictates their medical care. But when you pay to hire a private medical navigator, it might be the navigator who knows exactly how to squeeze the additional few days out of the hospital stay or an extra 30 minutes from your doctor. 

Help your parents understand that the whole point of medical navigation is to improve the quality of their care! 

Ways to Convince Your Parents 

If your parents still have objections, here are some tips to help you persuade them:

Be Patient 

If your parents or elderly relatives are hesitant about contacting a medical navigator, the worst thing you can do is force your opinion. Talk to them and ask open-ended questions to understand why they don’t want a healthcare navigator. 

Ask them whether they are worried about the cost of a navigator, lack of privacy or independence? Listen with empathy to build their trust and instead of denying their feelings, be non-judgmental.

Include Them in Interviews

Set up some appointments with potential medical navigation organizations and include your parents during the interviews. Let them know that there is no harm in asking questions and scheduling consultations. 

Recruit Outsiders

Sometimes, a parent finds it much easier to talk with a professional rather than a family member. If you can, get in touch with a doctor, nurse, social worker, or a priest and ask them to talk to your parents. 

Tell Them About the Benefits 

Let your parent(s) know that a medical navigator will accompany them to all of the doctor’s appointments to help them understand diagnoses and treatment options. 

If your loved one suffers from a rare disorder, then the navigator will also make sure they are always aware of every relevant clinical trial. See all the benefits of hiring a medical navigator.

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