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Why Physical Activity Is Essential As You Get Older

Why Physical Activity Is Essential As You Get Older

You’ve heard it countless times before: exercise and physical activity are good for you and should be a part of your daily routine. Numerous studies have shown that even a moderate amount of physical activity improves your physical and mental health as we age.

Here, we have outlined some of the biggest benefits of physical activity for aging adults and seniors. Let’s begin!

Prevention of Multiple Diseases

Research studies show that regular exercise can lower nearly two dozen mental and physical health conditions, and slow down the aging process.

The risk of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and Alzheimer’s can be dramatically reduced by engaging in some form of exercise every day; it could be something as simple as walking!

Lower Risk of Falls

Senior citizens are always at a higher risk of falling and slipping injuries, which can prove to be potentially devastating for maintaining independence. You can combat that by becoming physically active and working out; it will improve flexibility and strength, improving coordination, and balance.

Older adults take much longer to recover from fall injuries, so anything that will help them avoid losing balance in the first place is extremely important.

Better Mental Health

Scientists and fitness enthusiasts have been saying this for ages: exercise produces endorphins aka the “good hormone.”

When you move your body and maybe even sweat a little, it relieves the stress and leaves you feeling lighter and happier. This directly impacts your mental health, especially if you suffer from depression and insomnia.

Improved Cognitive Function

Studies show that the risk of aging-related cognitive issues like dementia can be greatly reduced by being physically active on a regular basis. Aerobics and many other resistance-based workouts have proven to be very effective in boosting brain power, alertness, and memory in people over 50.

Better Support System

Whether you visit a gardening club, go to group fitness classes, or join a walking group, exercise can be made into a fun social activity. Aging adults need to maintain strong social ties; it helps them feel a sense of purpose and avoid feelings of depression and loneliness.

If nothing else convinces you about the importance of physical activity, then this definitely will. The key is to find your tribe – people you’d enjoy working out with – and find a favorite activity.

Improved Mobility

Contrary to what many believe, physical activity doesn’t have to be strenuous to achieve great health benefits. Fast-walking or taking stairs every day can decrease the risk of many diseases and help you feel more centered.

We also recommend consulting with your physician before starting a new physical activity, especially if you are over 60 years of age.

Once you get into the habit of moving your body daily, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your sleep patterns and gradual improvement in your immunity, muscle strength, stamina, and feelings of well-being.

Consider joining community-based physical activity programs in your region that are specifically designed for seniors and aging adults. 

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