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Options For How Your Parents Can Deal With Cancer

Options For How Your Parents Can Deal With Cancer

Nothing is worse than finding out that someone you love has cancer. It’s even harder when it’s your dad or mom. 

As children, we had this tendency to consider our parents as invincible and strong as Optimus Prime, if you will. Our parents are our rock, our pillar of strength. It’s tough when they get sick.

If your parent has just found out they have skin cancer or breast cancer, your roles may reverse and you may have to start caring for them. 

And while it is very easy to get scared and overwhelmed by the thought of cancer, there are a lot of things you can do to help your parents and yourself during this battle. 

Hire a Certified Nursing Assistant 

Visiting the hospital numerous times throughout the year can be hard and time-consuming. Instead of spending money on gas, consider hiring a visiting nursing assistant. 

They can perform various medical tasks like taking vital signs and administering IV medication in the comfort of your parent’s home. 

Hire a Housekeeper

Let your parents rest and help out with daily tasks like buying groceries, cleaning the house, and doing laundry. If you can’t help regularly, you should hire a housekeeper to make a daily, weekly, or even monthly visit. 

Most parents have this tendency to worry about “how things will get done”, and no matter how hard you try, they just cannot recuperate without the worry. Hiring someone to do the household chores can lift a huge burden off your parent/s. 

Practice Patience

If you have siblings or extended family, understand that everyone will cope with the cancer diagnosis in a different way. Some may express their emotions in not-so-subtle ways (like mood swings and anger), while some may keep everything bottled inside. Though some will handle it with maturity and be someone you can count on. 

Avoid fighting with your siblings and try to be as patient as possible; otherwise, it may cause additional stress on your already suffering parent. 

Maintain a Written Log

Each meeting with the doctor can feel like information overload and you may find it hard to retain much of the meeting. Make sure you write down notes about the physician’s plan, medication, and next steps. Also, include specifics such as when your parent should take their medication and any side effects that may arise. 

Read Stories of Cancer Survivors

Reading about someone else’s journey of winning the battle of cancer can be incredibly powerful. Your parent who is suffering from cancer may be very emotional, and reading survivors’ stories may help inspire them. 

Sit down with your parent and browse through numerous online websites and blogs that share the extraordinary stories of other people who are either dealing with cancer or are in remission. 

Treat Yourself

That reminds us, if you haven’t seen Parks And Recreation yet, please do. After all, laughter can be incredibly therapeutic. If your mother or father is battling cancer, consider treating them to something nice once in a while. A professional manicure or pedicure can work wonders, and your parents will cherish these quality times with you. 

Create a Support System for Yourself

And don’t forget to care for yourself! Surround yourself with people who love you; your close friends or siblings who will take your calls no matter the time and won’t mind a night in (instead of a night out). Though there should not be that many calls. You can still enjoy your life for the most part as well. 

If you want to cry, then cry, though everyone may handle tough situations differently. Allow your emotions to come out and realize that feeling overwhelmed, sad, or even angry is okay. A lot is going on in your life and people understand that. 

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