Our Team

Bridgette Acosta

Bridgette was born and raised in North Carolina but always found herself drawn to south Florida. She relocated to the sunshine state to begin her business serving others, knowing this area needed her services the most. Her passion for medicine and helping people has been ever present in her life. She is a single mom of two beautiful little girls who are the joys of her life. She strives to teach them character and what better example than becoming self-made by putting other peoples’ needs ahead of our own.

Bridgette loves to be active and adventurous. She is dedicated to working out and eating healthy, with the exception of an undeniable sweet tooth! Tennis, peloton, and high intensity workouts are some of her favorite ways to stay in shape.

Randy Kritzer, MD

Dr. Randy Kritzer is a board certified neurosurgeon who has spent most of his life in North Carolina where he practiced for 30 years. During his career, he noticed the progressive complexity of the health care system, and how difficult it was for patients to obtain the appropriate care from the appropriate specialist. Ms. Acosta chose to launch Magellan Medical Navigators and asked Dr. Kritzer to join in her venture to help the elderly population in south Florida find their way thru this confusing medical landscape.

When he is not working, you may find him on the golf course or the tennis court, as he is a former North Carolina High School doubles champion. He also loves his Carolina Panthers and UNC Tarheels. He has two grown children, Adam and Katie.