What We Do

How We Serve You

  • Collect all medical records from your
    relevant physicians
  • Review your past medical records and compose a concise medical history and time line to have available for future physicians
  • Accompany you to important medical appointments in order to help you understand diagnoses and treatment options. A concise summary will be formulated in layman’s terms and emailed to you by the end of the day as well as to any of your family members that you designate.
  • Help to obtain timely 2nd opinion options to confirm that the treatment that has been recommended is ideal.
  • Help you get to the appropriate specialist when you have one of those hard to diagnose conditions
  • Help coordinate appointments with physicians, imaging and therapy to achieve maximum efficiency
  • We evaluate local and regional specialists to help identify who truly is the best choice for you
  • Review your medications with a pharmacist to make sure there are no contra-indications or less expensive alternatives
  • Gather information on any medical implants or devices that might be recommended for you
  • Evaluate diet and exercise patterns to develop a wellness program to maximize day-to-day health
  • Be aware of any relevant clinical trials that may be available in your area
  • Gather information regarding alternative medical treatments and their efficacy
  • Evaluate local rehab facilities so our options are known prior to their being needed
  • Check on the patient when they are hospitalized and try to communicate with the treating physician when they make their rounds. This information can then be communicated back to the family.

The First Wealth
is Health

— Ralph Waldo Emerson