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Senior Alert Systems Most Suitable For You

What Senior Alert Systems Are Most Suitable For You?

Medical alert systems for seniors are not something you can buy off the shelf at Walmart or many other retailers. In addition to comparing the devices itself, you’ll need to compare the service providers too. 

Why? Because senior alert systems are ultimately “monitoring” devices, so you want to be sure that people monitoring the alert system are best at what they do. 

How to Choose the Best Medical Alert Systems for Seniors? 

With advances in technology, the range of options has grown tremendously. Gone are the days of basic wearable devices; now, most senior alert systems come with movement sensors, fitness trackers, health monitors, and even fall detection & prevention features. 

If you’re thinking of buying a senior alert system, start by making a list of your loved one’s specific needs and abilities. 

Don’t forget to consider any changes in their health condition in the future. For example, say you want to an alert system for your father who has dementia. Will he understand how to operate the system? If not, maybe a fall-detection and automatic device will be more appropriate. 

Keep in mind that almost all senior alert system manufacturers and sellers offer a free trial period, so you and your loved one can see which one suits you best. With that being said, here are some things you need to consider when buying a home alert system for seniors.

System Features

Make sure the system you’re considering has the following abilities: 

Fall Detection and Prevention – Studies show that people over the age of 65 have the highest risks of falling and slipping. So, make sure the senior alert system has some type of fall detection and prevention feature in place. 

Call for Help – The system must be able to connect to the closest living person or directly to the emergency services such as the police or fire department. 

Medication Reminders The senior alert system should include medical monitoring, including checking vitals and medication reminders. 

Home Security Monitoring – This is useful in making sure your loved one stays safe in case of a smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide hazard. 

GPS Tracking – This is particularly useful if the senior in question is still driving and relatively independent. 

Type of Senior Alert System

medical alert systems for seniorsIt Should Be Waterproof – Since most fall accidents happen in the bathroom and kitchen, make sure the device is waterproof and can be worn in the shower. It’d be even better if it can be fully immersed in water in the bathtub or sink. 

It Should Be Comfortable –  If the device is wearable, make sure it doesn’t have any sharp edges or anything that may irritate the fragile skin of seniors. Brownie points if the device is attractive and your loved one is enthusiastic to wear it every day. 

It Should Have a Long-Range – The home medical alert system should have a long-range from its base unit. If your loved one lives on a sprawling property such as a ranch, or if they love working in the yard, make sure the range will be enough. 

It Should Have a Long Battery Life – Also consider how you’ll know if the battery is running low and how easy will it be to charge the device.

It Should Have a Fast-Responding Center – The average response time of a senior alert system should be second and not minutes. Make sure the operators or dispatchers employed by the company are well-trained and licensed. 

Life Alert vs Apple Watch

Life Alert is one of the most popular medical alert systems in the market right now, and even though the Apple Watch was not designed to be a medical alert device, it offers excellent emergency care services. 

Let’s talk about Life Alert first. It offers many features that make it very easy to use and extremely reliable. This system comes in two forms –wristbands and pendants, and both are waterproof and can be worn in the shower.

Their Five Diamond certified call center service (24×7) has received millions of positive reviews. Medical alerts are sent directly to this call center (within seconds) which notifies first responders and nearest family members in case of an emergency. 

Life Alert mobile app makes it super easy to stay in touch with caregivers and family members at all times. 

The only cons are it requires you to sign a three-year contract and needs professional installation. But to be honest, if you want a high-quality senior alert system with reliable services, Life Alert is a salient and sagacious choice.

Now, the Apple Watch is obviously not an alert system but it also allows for immediate connectivity with first responders. This waterproof wearable directly calls 9-1-1 in case of an emergency. You can buy it from any cellular carrier with a two-year contract. 

As we said earlier, consider your loved one’s needs and medical conditions before making the final purchasing decision. Don’t hesitate to switch to another device if you think the current one is not a good fit – it could mean the difference between life and death.

Magellan Medical Navigators Are Here to Help

Do you live up north, but your elderly parents live down south? At Magellan Medical Navigators we offer dedicated medical solutions for those whose parents reside in South Florida. 

If you need help choosing the best medical alert systems for seniors, contact us at 336-403-1595 and we will love to help.

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